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This is a How's My Driving post for the character: Izuku Midoriya.

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Character: Izuku Midoriya
Age: 15
Canon: My Hero Academia
Canon Point: Chapter 97

Background: too, I could become one someday.

Izuku is a very selfless character to the point that he will willingly destroy his body to achieve his goal in protecting someone. When it came to trying to pass the exam to get into Yuuei, he struggles and never manages to get any villain points. He would be frozen in place by fear and be unable to act. However, when the large villain that was worth 0 points incapacitates Uraraka, he jumps in and destroys it because he only thinks about saving Uraraka. Deku thinks of others first and himself second. Even though he worries his mother, he shows her a note he was given by Kouta thanking him. He tells her it was worth it to save the other at the expense of his body. He does what he feels right in his heart.

This leads to his next trait, and a very important one at that. Izuku is very much a character driven by his emotions. He's generally someone who will think before he acts, but there are moments where he will do something because his body will just move through impulse and out of want. Like when Kacchan gets captured by a slim creature early in the series; despite Izuku being powerless, seeing the other look like he was trying to call for help has him run into danger. Izuku breaks all his fingers (some twice) when he fights Shouto during the Summer Festival because he got mad that Shouto doesn't use his Quirk in full. He wanted to beat the Shouto who didn't want to use his fire side out of stubbornness against his father. When Kouta is in danger of dying and the villain threatens to hurt the other; Izuku delivers an attack at 1,000,000% to protect Kouta. Sometimes his emotions completely ignore logical reasoning.

Which is to say, he's still a very logical character. Sometimes it's his ability to think quickly and emotions that has him acting as he does. Izuku is introduced as a Quirkless character. His ability to ever become a hero seemed nonexistent. Despite that, he continues to do his best with circumstances. This leads him to keeping very detailed notebooks of all the heroes he looks up to and admires and their quirks. He utilizes all this information to form strategies on the fly and it helps him replicate them in other means or to fight against. Even while he is scared or fear has him literally shaking; he can form strategies under pressure and think of all the possibilities at hand. It's seen when villains attack the school and the students are all separated in random parts of the disaster replication zones. He combines Tsuyu, Mineta, and his own Quirks to capture the villains and get to safety while still in fear of their lives.

He's got so much determination and such a strong will, that it seems that it's unmoving. Izuku doesn't think about failure. He thinks far into the future. He becomes very frustrated about actually failing because of the work that others and himself put into things. Izuku is told he'll never become a hero and that his Quirkless self puts himself at the bottom. Instead of accepting defeat or admitting the truth, he just strives forward. He puts his everything into what he can do in hopes to achieve his faraway dream. He spends ten straight months of hell training his body to accept All for One, but doesn't stick to All Might's plan. Instead he works even harder than what he is given because he isn't striving to just making it, but striving to reach his dream. To him, last place isn't an end all, but a starting point for him. He's aware of his shortcomings, but he doesn't use them to hinder him. He uses them to push himself forward and to work even harder so that he can catch up to his peers. He pushes his body, many times unhealthily, to strive for that seemingly impossible dream. This isn't even touching seemingly impossible situations where lives are at stake. There are many times where things seem impossible, but he doesn't back down. He tries to find a way to overcome a situation. It's very apparent when saving Kouta. He knew he was at a disadvantage. Izuku really knew that his back is to a wall and that the other outmatched him by miles. He still fought though. He didn't just give up and eventually won through the sheer need to save Kouta. Izuku truly outdone himself through sheer will.

Izuku was initially a meek and timid person. He was bullied for being Quirkless by his peers, verbally and physically. It made him a rather jumpy person, which many noticed during the Entrance Exam for Yuuei. It also made him someone who rarely fought back because of his timidness. He slowly grows to become more confident and is willing to stand up for himself more.

Even though he becomes more confident, he seems to be particularly hard on himself. He thinks he's lucky and very blessed at times. To him, he has much more to go and to do to even be close to the same level as his peers and he often can think about the worst case scenarios because he simply feels that he is not good enough yet. Yet is the keyword, because he does not view his situation hopeless generally. Even when it seems or feels hopeless, he doesn't give up. Izuku doesn't seem to even understand what giving up is even like.

He's growing up fast and shows a maturity level much higher than his actual age. Although his dream was born from a young and childish him, he grew to become someone more than just chasing All Might's shadow. Izuku's mom intended to pull Izuku out of Yuuei. At first, All Might assumes that it really hits Izuku, who wanted to go there because All Might there, and that being taken out from there would be hard for the young boy whom wishes to be like All Might. In the end, Izuku says that it doesn't have to be there, but that he won't stop from becoming a hero. He shows the note from Kouta and that he really did cause his mother worry and severely injured himself, but that it was worth it. He's stepped out from chasing All Might's shadow to being able to cast his own.

Izuku is becoming and truly is a hero in his own name.

Izuku's quirk is called One for All. When using One for All, he's given enhanced strength and speed ( he stronk like dankey kang and sahnic fast). Due to his quirk being given, he does not have full control over it. He can only access a marginal amount of the full extent of its power and he is sometimes incapable of controlling it. Losing control of his quirk causes him to break bones based on what part of his body was used.

Strength: Izuku, while having higher than average strength normally, is granted superhuman strength when utilizing One for All. He's able to control about 5% of its full strength. Using 100% causes to break his body and he has been shown to use his strength output at 1,000,000%. He's shown being able to destroy parts of buildings and even overpower his opponent that had a muscle augmentation quirk.

Speed: Above average speed normally; Izuku can spread the power of One for All throughout his body to increase his agility and mobility. He's able to surpass most of his opponents in speed whilst using his quirk, although he isn't at the point where he can move at the speed of its full potential.

Intellect: Izuku exhibits a very keen intellect. He's shown being very intelligent; being fourth in grades of his class. His skills of observation and analysis has been what really helps him get through many situations, since he lacked the control over One for All initiallye. He's able to quickly recall information and experience and utilize them in his own situations and he's able to form strategies quickly. Because of his studious habits, he has a very wide knowledge of others' abilities, which makes him able to figure out the mechanisms of One for All. It also helps in reacting against others on the fly.

Endurance: A notable asset that Izuku has is his ability to endure. He's got an incredible pain tolerance and ability to perform while in excruciating pain. Despite his quirk being able to break bones, he's able to continue forward in such conditions. He also just seems to have a strong will to keep going and pushing his body. His determination and out look towards the future has him always trying to give his absolute all and even more tends to end up with him enduring fatigue and pain for progress.


While Deku would fit many alignments, Thras is a perfect fit for him. He encompasses both sides of Thras. Throughout the series, he is shown scared when facing something. From Kacchan and his bullying to being in mortal peril. Fear is a constant emotion for him that leaves him shaking. Despite it all, he flings himself into the heat of things out of his pure need to help others. It's why he aligns with Thras so perfectly. Like two sides of a coin, whilst feeling fear, he is also brave. When others are in danger, he doesn't think about his fear, but to protect those that are in need.

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Deku on the Test Drive meme

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